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In this post I would like to talk about SBGames, the Brazillian Symposium of Computer Games and Digital Entertainment. SBGames is the main symposium of game development in Brazil (something like a game developer conference) and it’s now composed of four tracks: Computing, Art & Design, Industry and Game & Culture. Last year, we had SBGames 2007 (the VI edition of the symposium) which was held from November 7 to November 9 at UNISINOS (a university in the south region of Brazil).

SBGames 2007 was a great symposium despite some organization problems, and many exciting things happened there!!! SBGames 2007 had some great international speakers, like Soren Johnson from EA, Bruno Matzdorf, Mark Danks and Sarah Stocker from Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), Licinio Roque from University of Coimbra and Nelson Zagalo from University of Minho. John Nordlinger from Microsoft was also schedule as a keynote speaker but he didn’t show up. It appears that he had problems to come to Brazil because he didn’t know he needs a visa to enter in Brazil… =(

One of the first keynotes in the symposium was Soren Johnson from EA. Soren was the lead designer of Civilization IV and he wrote whole AI of the game. In his presentation he talked a lot about the AI in Civilization IV, and how to make the AI fun but not necessary fair!

SBGames SBGames

The Sony presentation was entitled “Incubation of Developers in Latin America” and it was presented by Bruno Matzdorf (Developer Support Line Manager) and Mark Danks (Senior Manager, Curriculum Engineering). One interesting thing to note is that in past few years some Brazilian developers have tried become official Playstation developers but Sony didn’t approve any of them. So, developers thought that Sony was not interested in having or licensing any developer in Brazil. Is it changing now?

SBGames SBGames

I’ve also participated in the SBGames 2007 hosting a tutorial with my friend Alessandro Silva, and I also sent an XNA game to the independent games festival that took place inside the SBGames. The tutorial that I gave with Alessandro was entitled: “Creating photorealistic and non-photorealistic effects for games”. It was a fast tutorial because we had only an hour and a half but it was great!

SBGames SBGames

SBGames SBGames

Finally, every year SBGames has a festival of independent games, and last year they opened a new category for games made with XNA. I couldn’t miss that opportunity, so I sent the XNA Third-Person Shooter (TPS) game that I was working to the festival. Despite the XNA TPS game was unfinished it had some good looking graphics. xD

SBGames SBGames

The XNA TPS game finished the independent game festival in third place. This game was made by Me, Alessandro Silva and Carlos Augusto. The game also uses a free beast model from Psionic.

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