ESL Podcast

One of my favorite podcasts is the ESL POD, which is a free english as a second language podcast. If you are not a native english speaker you will really enjoy this podcast!

In the ESL POD, a new podcast episode is released every monday, wednesday and friday. So you don’t need to worry, there is always a new episode waiting for you! And if you want to have access to the podcasts’ transcript and extra materials you can become an ESL podcast member for $10 bucks a month. I usually burn a CD with many ESL podcast episodes and keep listening them while driving! =D

Everytime, when Jeff McQuillan (the podcast host) starts a podcast he says: “I’m your host, Dr. Jeff McQuillan, coming to you from the Center for Educational Development in the beautiful city of Los Angeles …”. Taking advantage of this post and the fact that I always wanted to say the same, now it is my time!

My name is Bruno Evangelista, and I’m coming to you from the wonderful city of Belo Horizonte, MG. If you want to know more about BH City check the video below for some great pictures of the city, as well as local music.

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