Microsoft XNA Challenge 2008

After the release of the XNA Game Studio in late 2006, every year Microsoft Brazil holds a competition called Microsoft XNA Challenge Brazil. In this competition, students are invited to create a game with XNA about a theme that is revealed when the competition begins. The competition lasts about two months and after that, all the submitted games are judge based on its production quality, fun factor, innovation and adherence to the theme. Then, the best 5 games are selected to the finals, where the author of each game is invited to present his work at Microsoft Brazil. At Microsoft the games are presented and judge by a group formed by people from Abragames (Brazilian Association of Game Developers), game companies, universities and magazines. And finally, the winner is announced. =D

It is the second time that I participate in the XNA Challenge and I can say that both times it was an amazing experience. This year the theme of the competition was the same theme of the Imagine Cup 2008: “Sustainable Environment”. And fortunately, I could reach the finals again. The five games that made it to the finals were:

Alice, the Parasites and the Book of Time – by Bruno Evangelista (UFMG)

Yeah, this is my game and I could put good graphics on it. In this game you play as Alice, who needs to destroy the parasites that are turning the humans into unsustainable humans.

Gariman – by Carolina Gomes (UNICAMP)
In this game you play as a garbageman who needs to clean the city streets as fast as possible.

City Rain – by Guilherme Campos (UNESP)
City Rain
A mix of SimCity and Tetris where you construct your city with city blocks that fall on the screen.

Great Adventures of Ted – by José Lourenço (UNIVAP)
A game where you go to dungeons, collect crystals and defeat monsters to save the nature.

Recicle – by Vitor Antonioli (UNICAMP)
A game where you collect the garbage that flows down a river, controlling up to four collectors at the same time.

And the Oscar goes to:

  1. Recicle
  2. City Rain
  3. Alice, the Parasites and the Book of Time

I didn’t need to mention that the winner of the XNA Challenge wins a travel to the “Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science Education” aboard the Celebrity Century Cruise Ship. Great prize, isn’t it?

Acamedic Cruise

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