Beginning XNA 2.0 Game Programming: From Novice to Professional

Last year, I was invited by Alexandre Lobão — a great writer and programmer—to participate in the development of a XNA book. Besides me, José Antônio Leal de Farias — Microsoft MVP and founder of Sharp Games (biggest Brazilian XNA community) — also joined the team.

After some months of work, we could finally put the book together — which was published by APRESS. The book foreword was written by Amintas Neto, who is the Academic Relations Manager of Microsoft Brazil and a great enthusiast of XNA.

Beginning XNA 2.0 Book

You can check the book summary below:

  • Game Planning and Programming Basics
  • 2-D Graphics, Audio, and Input Basics
  • Creating Your First 2-D Game
  • Improving Your First 2-D Game
  • Basics of Game Networking
  • Rock Rain Live!
  • 3-D Game Programming Basics
  • Rendering Pipeline, Shaders, and Effects
  • Lights, Camera, Transformations!
  • Generating a Terrain
  • Skeletal Animation
  • Creating a Third-Person Shooter Game
  • Closing Words

You can find more information about this book at the APRESS website, where you can also download the first book chapter for free here. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the development of this book, specially the APRESS team for their great support.

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