Talk: Creating Games for Windows, Xbox and Zune with XNA

Next Friday, I’m going to give a lecture about XNA at the CGGT (Computer Graphics and Game Development) group at my university (UFMG). In this lecture I will focus on all the great features that came out with XNA 2.0, and the new features that are coming with XNA 3.0:

  • Networking with XNA
  • XNA for Xbox Live Arcade
  • Community Games
  • Zune Support

Community Games

Also, I will take advantage of this opportunity to show why managed code will become the next big thing in game development, and why I definitely agree with some statements made by Tim Sweeney’s:

  • “Productivity is just as important as performance”
  • “We will gladly sacrifice 10% of our performance for 10% higher productivity”
  • “We never use Assembly language”

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