Attending to Siggraph 2008

Siggraph is the world’s premiere conference for Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. It is a huge conference, attended by tens of thousands of people, and this year it will be held on Los Angeles. Well, this year I will attend to Siggraph for the first time and as a Student Volunteer!!!


Siggraph’s Student Volunteer is great program that provides students with a Full Conference Pass which allows you to go almost anywhere in the conference. As a volunteer you can apply for 18 or 30 hours of work, and if you apply for 30 hours you can also be awarded with housing. It was the second time that I applied for the volunteer program, and fortunately, I was accepted! =D

Are you attending to Siggraph this year? I would really like to meet you there. It will be my first time there and I would like to meet a lot of people.

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